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Parish Ministries

Parish MinistriesVolunteers Welcome

Volunteers are always welcome to be a part of any of our ministries.


Please fill out the volunteer form linked here or call the parish office at 781-1019 for assistance.


Thank you for sharing your time and talents with our parish community.





Altar Servers | Bereavement Dinners | Bulletin Stuffers | Cards to Parishioners | Collection Counters
Benedictine Gift Shop | Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion | Housekeeping & Flowers | Laundry & MendingLectors | Maternity Closet | Meals On Wheels | Music Ministry | Parish Life Ministry | Prayer Chain | Prayer Shawl
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Altar Servers

  • This ministry allows our youth an opportunity to participate more fully in the liturgy by serving on the altar at our weekends Masses. Both boys and girls, ranging in age from fifth grade through high school, are encouraged to join. We are also in need of adults to help with serving on the altar for our weekday 8:45 AM Masses.
    • Funeral Masses: Student servers or Family members of the deceased
    • Weekday Masses: Adult Servers
    • Weekend Masses: Student servers

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Bereavement Dinners

  • Dinners are made available at St. Mary's Parish Center following parish funerals. Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve meals.

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Bulletin Stuffers

  • Consider spending 1 – 1 ½ hours on Friday mornings to place fliers in weekly bulletins.

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Cards to Parishioners

  • As part of our Care and Concern Committee, volunteers send cards to our ill and homebound parishioners.

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Collection Counters

  • On a rotating basis, volunteers help to count the collection basket offerings following weekend liturgies.

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Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

  • These individuals are commissioned by the Bishop to assist in distributing Eucharist. The parish office provides monthly schedules to ministers.
    • Funerals – Assist in the distribution of Holy Communion to choir
    • Homebound - Provide Communion to our sick/ home-bound parishioners usually on Sundays
    • Weekend Masses – Assist in the distribution of the Holy Eucharist at the weekend Masses

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Housekeeping & Flowers

  • Scheduled regularly to help keep the church clean and in good order. These volunteers may also assist with arranging flowers & decorations in the church.

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Laundry & Mending

  • Volunteers provide needed washing and repairs of sanctuary cloth wares.


  • Proclaim the Sacred Scriptures to congregation after proper training and instruction. Training for this ministry is provided upon request. It is a great privilege to be able to proclaim the Word of God during weekly and weekend Liturgies.
    • Funerals - Share the Scriptures at Funeral masses, sometimes family members will assist in this
    • Weekdays - Share the Scriptures at weekday Masses
    • Weekends - Share the Scriptures at weekend Masses
    • Radio - Sunday 10:30 Mass, provide commentary on WKBI broadcast

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Benedictine Gift Shop

This ministry carries on the legacy of the Benedictine Sisters. Formally known as "Trifles and Treasures," the Benedictine Gift Shop is an affordable religious store for those of all budgets. Products range from simple rosaries to beautiful stain glass from the Basilica. Gristmill products, made by the monks of Saint Vincent, along with local crafts are also available for purchase.

Volunteers workers are always welcome! Call the Parish Office for more info.

    Maternity Closet

    • This ministry is designed to help mothers in need of assistance. It is open on the first three Wednesdays of the month from 2-3:30pm and on the first three Thursdays of the month from 1:00-2:30pm.

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    Meals on Wheels

    • Individuals with a reliable vehicle help deliver meals to the home-bound members of the community. Volunteers assist of a rotating basis (4-5 times per year) on Sunday mornings around 11:00 AM.
      • Contact Phyllis Cook: (814) 834-7317

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    Music Ministry

    • Adult Choir
      • Shanda Hanes, Director
      • Meets Mondays 7pm in church
      • Lead congregational singing for 10:30am Sunday Mass and provides special musical pieces.
    • Bell Choir
      • Lynn Nicklas, Director
      • Meets Wednesdays 7pm
      • Accompanies at 8:30 Mass- Sundays
    • Contemporary Choir
      • Peter Largey, Director
      • Meets Tuesdays 6:30pm
      • Lead congregational singing using contemporary music at the Saturday 4:30pm Mass
    • Funeral Choir
      • Lynn Nicklas, Director
      • Proved musical leadership to congregation at funerals

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    Parish Life Ministry

    • We are currently looking for volunteers to help build a Parish Life Ministry. This group helps to provide pleasant social gatherings for parishioners and guests on special occasions. Call the parish office if you would like to be a leader in this endeavor.

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    Prayer Chain

    • Our parish prayer chain is composed of many parishioners who receive special prayer needs on a daily/weekly basis and offer prayer for these specific intentions. Needs may include physical healing, employment issues, family issues, spiritual needs, etc. If you would like to be part of the prayer chain or would like to request an intention, please call the parish office.

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    Prayer Shawl

    • These crafty volunteers create beautiful lap shawls and prayer shawls which are gifted to the elderly during the Christmas season. This ministry can be done from the comfort of your own home.


    • This team of volunteers helps to prepare the sanctuary (altar space) before all masses and funerals.

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    Thirty-One Club

    • A ministry of prayer for vocations. Those who sign-up for this ministry select a day of the month of their choice and agree to attend Mass on that particular day in order to pray for vocations in the parish and around the world.
      • Contact Marilyn Keyes: (814) 781-6573


    These ladies and gentlemen provide for the proper order at Liturgies. They assist in finding parishioners to present gifts for each Mass and taking up the offertory collection. Additional ushers are always welcomed!

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